Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.46.51 PMIn today’s environment our bodies are constantly bombarded by a litany of chemicals and sometimes highly toxic chemicals in our environment. These contaminates can come from our water, air, food, microbes and can also pass through our skin upon contact. Many of these chemical toxins form bonds with many protein structures in our bodies both within our cells and between our cells. Many of these toxins can be found in our connective tissues or found in the intracellular matrix made up of hyaluronan gel, collagen fibers and glycosamineoglycans.

More scientific evidence is demonstrating a connection between accumulation and exposure to various toxins and chronic degenerative diseases. Many patients can develop pain, neuralgias, arthritis, swollen joints, stiff muscles, edema, headaches, gout, allergies and skin ailments with chronic buildup of toxins.

The EB-Pro works by generating an electromagnetic ionic field that is magnified by the usage of natural sea salts in a tub of water. The feet are placed in this tub while the electrodes generate this ionic field and there is no risk of electrical shock. The ionic field will cause a change in charge density along the main acupuncture meridians that extend throughout the body and also has an effect on the blood and lymph fluids as they enter and exit the feet. This change in charge density in the body allows many of the toxins to be released into the small blood vessels (capillaries) and lymph channels. The toxins are then delivered to the liver and kidneys to be further detoxified and eventually removed via the urine and bowels. This is why we encourage our patients to increase their intake of water when they are receiving these treatments. Some of the toxins are excreted through the feet. Most of the discoloration of the water is due to ionic interactions of the metal in the electrodes, minerals in the water, plastic lining, dead skin cells, skin lotions, nail polish and soap residues on the skin.

The treatments last approximately 18 to 23 minutes and should be spaced about one day apart. Some contraindications would be if you are pregnant, lactating, have a pacemaker or other electronic medical device, organ transplant, arrhythmias of the heart and some patients on heart regulatory medications.