10% OFF Immune Booster Supplements At Our Office

Cold and Flu season is here! At Arizona Family Health Centre, we want to help give your immune system a boost! That’s why we are providing this SPECIAL OFFER just for you! So take advantage and boost your immunity today.

There are a number of natural products and supplements that can help improve your immunity. For a limited time, and while supplies last, we are offering these products at a 10% discount when you use the offer code: IMMUNEBOOSTSo, take advantage of this special promo. Sale ends 12/31/2022  so act quickly!

List of our immune boosting products:

    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin D
    • Zinc
    • Echinacea
    • Elderberry

For more information about the products available, call our office at (480) 732-0911. If you are interested in learning more about your specific needs or which supplements will work best for you individually, call our office and schedule a functional medicine appointment. 


Best of Health,


James D. Reade, DC, CFMP