This ancient form of healing has been around for approximately 3000 years and is often misunderstood. To date it has been found that acupuncture stimulation is known to cause changes in nervous system response and can trigger different biochemical changes in the nervous system which can affect different aspects of body function.

The body generates an electromagnetic field around itself. This is not too unusual to understand because we can measure electrical activity of the heart, brain, and muscular system (EKG, ECG, and electromyography). A magnetic field is also generated anytime there is a motion of electrical charges or potential. The sum of bioelectrical activity of the muscles, nervous system, and at the cellular levels contributes to the body’s electromagnetic field. Remember, an (MRI) is based on the body’s magnetic system.

The body seems to demonstrate major electromagnetic pathways that are referred to as meridians. The meridians are like separate radio stations broadcasting at specific frequencies. If the frequency is just slightly off, it cannot be detected or the signal is garbled. With a slight adjustment, the normal frequency can be obtained.

To effectively detect these meridians, we use a computerized Electro Meridian Imaging (EM!) device which measures whether the meridian is too high, low or abnormal between the left and right side of the body. The EMI will generate a graph demonstrating the status of the acupuncture system. Along with a physical exam and other acupuncture indicators, we can help determine imbalances in the body’s electromagnetic system.

Corrections can be made with disposable needles, laser, or other forms of mechanical stimulus. Treatments may last anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes in length.