We have a fully computerized device that can provide in a few seconds, a high definition color printout of most imbalances stemming from the feet/ankles. The feet/ankles are often times overlooked as a potential cause of reoccurring postural and musculoskeletal problems throughout the body.

Your feet/ankles influence the function and posture of your knees, hips, lower back, spine, shoulders, neck, and head. This is accomplished by tiny nerve endings that are located in the tissues of your feet/ankles. These nerve endings send different nerve signals to the various muscles of your body, spinal cord, and brain to help maintain balance and coordinate muscular activities during weight bearing. Such activities as walking, running, bending, and lifting all are potentially affected by your feet/ankles. Continued improper nerve input and misaligned tissues of the foot can slow down your response to chiropractic treatments and cause many problems to reoccur.

Specialized custom-made orthotics can be ordered to help normalize the function of the feet/ankles along with chiropractic correction of the structures of the feet and ankles. These orthotics are flexible enough to move with your feet and sturdy enough to give you support where it is needed. Special moisture absorption tops and additional shock absorbing materials can also be added especially for the sports-minded. Additionally, the orthotics come in different shapes to fit the type of athletic shoe, work boot, dress shoes, or heels that you normally wear. These orthotics are especially a no-brainer for most runners and athletes.