Significant damage can occur to many parts of the spine, jaw, head, limbs and particularly in the neck after an automobile accident.  Whether the car accident resulted in severe damage or small visible damage to your vehicle or the other vehicles you have probably sustained substantial injury to your muscles, fascia, tendons, discs, ligaments, joints, spine, and nerves that need to be properly evaluated.  Therefore, a thorough examination is performed that would consist of through history, postural analysis, range of motion, orthopedic, neurological, palpatory, muscle strength and chiropractic evaluation.  Many imaging such as X-rays, CT scan and/or MRI will be necessary.   If more serious injuries are suspected an immediate referral to another specialist will be made.

The first priority is to reduce the excessive inflammation that has occurred, and this can be accomplished with systemic enzymes, natural “anti-inflammatories” and by medications recommended by another physician.  Additionally, therapy such as electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser and microcurrent can also reduce inflammation and pain. Addressing the inflammation earlier helps in reducing pain, speed up recovery time and minimize permanent tissue damage.

Second, utilizing gentle spinal, cranial, temporomandibular (jaw) and extremity manipulation (adjustments) is critical in restoring proper joint motion, removal of neural irritation, improved alignment to reduce further irritation of joint structures and surrounding muscles, discs, ligaments, fascia, and tendons.

Third,  it is important to prevent the formation of scar tissue (adhesions) and this can be accomplished by different myofascial treatments, ultrasound, massage and mobilizing/stretching treatments.

Last, to stimulate proper repair and strength of the damaged tissue. This can be accomplished by proper nutritional supplementation for collagen, disc, fascial, ligament and tendon repair and tensile strength. Cold laser therapy is also remarkably effective in the accelerating and stimulating the active repair process and can stimulate proper neural connections.  Rehabilitative exercises particularly can be focused to strengthen muscle tissue. Further referral to a physical therapist is also recommended.

A comprehensive approach to automobile injuries is taken here at our office.  We realize there are a number of issues that need to be addressed to recover.