Dr. Reade utilizes various functional medicine laboratory tests to evaluate your current individual health status. This type of testing is extremely specific compared to most traditional lab testing, and some customized panels are not available elsewhere.  Some of these panels may require blood, saliva, stool, and urine.  All lab kits and requisitions for blood labs are provided through Arizona Family Health Centre.

The specific tests that are recommended are an essential element of your customized health care and will assist in Dr. Reade in designing nutritional lifestyle protocol and recommendations specific for your health issues.

We have outlined some of these laboratory tests along with a brief description, purpose and type of sample required.


Video: Types of Testing available at our office


Wellness Panel:

This is a very comprehensive blood test that contains a comprehensive metabolic panel, complete cell count, lipid profile, complete thyroid profile with thyroid antibodies, actual cell levels of magnesium, hemoglobin A1c to identify diabetes/insulin resistance, several inflammatory markers that can indicate potential cardiovascular and autoimmune problems.  This is a panel that most physicians would probably never order.  This test along with our computer analysis is one of the core laboratory tests to evaluate your health status and help us employ a proper lifestyle, diet and nutritional protocol for you specifically.


31 Micronutrient Cell Analysis:

This is another unique blood test that measures the actual levels of 31 various vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites other at a cellular level and not what is merely being circulated in the blood.  What is important to understand here is what nutrients are found at the white blood cell level because that is where they are utilized not what is circulated in the blood serum. The levels in the white blood cell will reflect the general levels in all the other cells in the body. Furthermore, it will give you a better idea of levels over a period of 4-6 months rather than hourly fluctuations based on the previous meal or daily fluctuations that would be found on a regular blood serum test.


Video: 31 Micronutrient Test Sample


Leaky Gut Evaluation/LPS Evaluation/Potential Systemic Inflammation:

This is a unique blood test that can measure the level of gut damage by measuring various antibodies related to the structures/proteins found in the intestinal lining. It also measures antibodies related to a very important bacterial compound that has been shown to cause extensive body inflammation and has been linked to the formation of osteoarthritis.

See our articles on leaky gut and lipopolysaccharides (LPS). 

Adrenal Function/Stress Evaluation:

This is a simple take home salivary profile that measures a few key hormones such as cortisol and DHEA that are key in evaluating the proper status of the adrenal glands.  Proper adrenal function is crucial to many physiological functions in the body and the adrenals could be considered the great modulator of the body. Proper immune system function and many other systems are intimately tied into adrenal gland function.

See our article on adrenal glands and stress. 

Gluten Sensitivity:

The core of finding about gluten sensitivity is investigating your genetic makeup of some of your cells.  If you have certain genetic variants you will have some level of gluten sensitivity and a propensity to develop inflammation when consuming or encountering gluten.


Video: Gluten Sensitivity Test