How is That Immune System of Yours Working???

 What you will find below are quick questionnaires outlining different health issues and symptoms associated with immune system involvement. Take the time to fill these out honestly and to the best of your knowledge. In doing so, I think you will find areas that can be improved and some that may even require serious improvement! In our next few newsletters, we will look at what can be done to improve your immunity, as well as different nutrients that can be of great assistance to your immune health. So, take the test!!

Immune Response Questionnaire


ISQ – Immune Status Questionnaire


If you have any further questions regarding these tests or think you need to improve your immunity, please contact our office at (480) 732-0911.  If you are interested, you can view our prior articles on the immune system and immunity under the blog section.

Immune System Questionnaire Video

Learn more about the questionnaires in this video, below. Find out how we can help you test your immunity today!